Love it or hate it designer gloves are here to stay – Kepel

And they are selling out fast...

For years many have attempted (unsuccessfully) to break into the golf glove market with loud designs. Nothing gains traction, the most outlandish golfers use coloured gloves at most. 

There is a company from Vancouver that has managed to find the perfect balance between performance and world class design. From classy solid designs to proprietary camo patterns, and flower details there seems to be a glove for every taste. 

Kepel gloves use high end cabretta leather for a luxury feel and elegant designs by inspiring artist. Their collection was featured in Manhattan at the Flying Solo Store, next to world renowned independent artists. 


Their reach is already global with retailers in Korea and new distributors in the works for Japan and the United Kingdom. 

They sold out 4th batches where some customers had to wait three plus months to get the glove. Can you believe that?  The team has chosen to take it to the next level. Now kepel is offering faster delivery than ever before. Buy it today before they run out

Famous athletes such as Brennen Davies top prospect from the Chicago cubs, Reggie Bush, former NFL legend and up and coming 2020 Challenge Tour Member and fellow Canadian Branson Ferrier have been spotted wearing Kepel. 

Golfers around the globe are all getting their hands in these, have you tried them yet?

How long until we see them on the PGA??



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