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A new era of golf is dawning with trendy golf brands that offer both style and substance

Since sports apparel does double duty as both gear and fashion, designers for athletic brands face a unique challenge: how to balance optimal performance with aesthetic appeal. 

This is the kind of challenge we relish, and what drove us to create our line of art-inspired golf gloves. We wanted to offer athletic apparel that was made with the highest quality materials and construction and would perform at an unparalleled level, and at the same time feature the kind of design that wouldn’t be out of place in a gallery or display window (which it was, at the Flying Solo store, an exclusive fashion space in New York City).

More and more designers are embracing this challenge and forming a new generation of golf that prioritizes style and swagger alongside quality and function. 

This approach is resonating with today’s golfer, who is increasingly one who sees the game as a chance to play both athletically and sartorially. For them, a day on the course is an opportunity to demonstrate both sportsmanship and “stylesmanship,” if we can be permitted to coin a new term for it. 

In catering to this new generation of golfers, brands not only look to the game and its players for inspiration, but also to each other. That’s why we’ve collected our absolute favorite fellow golf brands below—so we can share what we find so exciting about them and inspire you to add a little flair and fun to your golf ensembles. 

Birds of Condor

This brand is inspired by the high-flying moments in golf. It takes its name from one golf event in particular, which has attained near mythical status as it has only ever been captured on film a few times and never during a professional game: a hole in one on a par-5, aka a triple eagle or a condor.  

Birds of Condor is based in Australia, so naturally there is a healthy dose of sun and surf culture in its designs. You won’t find traditional, well, anything in its line, but it more than makes up for it with a wide selection of funky polos, visors, button-ups, hats, sweatshirts, and outerwear that puts a playful twist on the game. 

It’s clear that they are designing for the younger generation of golfer, with cultural references that may be lost on those who aren't as plugged in to the zeitgeist (for instance, the “Big Floppa” and “Neverfind” lines may be puzzling to those without a knowledge of and appreciation for 90s culture).  

But really this brand can be worn by anyone with a sense of style and who is not afraid to draw a little attention with bold colors and prints. And some of the puns they incorporate into the clothes (“California knows how to partee”) are just *chef’s kiss.*


There is something of the avant garde about the US-based G-Fore brand. While other golf brands are playing with tradition, G-Fore is paying homage to it with tasteful shorts, shoes, shirts, vest, jackets, and just about anything else you need to hit the links.

This brand is definitely one that will resonate more with the serious golfer who wants to look polished and put together. G-Fore for the most part forgoes whimsy in favor of what it does best: attractive golfwear that whispers rather than shouts its message. 

That’s not to say this brand is boring. Far from it. Like us, they started out with a line of signature golf gloves and the inspiration—and obsession with finessing the details of fit, construction, and design—began flowing from there. 

mpeccably designed and tested personally out on the course rather than in a factory setting,  G-Fore’s apparel and accessories combine the classic and cutting edge and cater to the modern golfer who wants to tip their hat to the history of the game while still making a fashion statement that is very now.  

Greyson Clothiers

There’s a theme that runs across many new and emerging golf apparel brands, and that’s golfwear that functions just as well off the course as on. 

In the case of the New York-based Greyson Clothiers, this focus on versatility doesn’t come as a surprise, given that founder Charlie Schaefer comes from a fashion background, with over a decade spent working for Ralph Lauren.

The sophistication and refinement of that experience visibly carries over into Greyson’s offerings. The focus is on tailored pieces in a color palette that skews neutral and conservative with a few well-chosen pops of color. Whimsy also makes a considered appearance throughout the line. Just check out their wolf headcovers for your clubs—those are a conversation starter if we ever saw one. 

Part of Greyson’s mission is to upend the notion that sport, fashion, functionality could not coexist, and we’d say they’ve done a pretty spectacular job of that. This attention to detail can be seen in its very smart design flourishes, such as jogging pants that have convertible drawstrings that can be worn in one of two ways: out and tied when you want to go casual or discreet and hidden when you want a more polished look. 

Waggle Golf

With a name like Waggle and a tagline that says “Not your average golf shirt,” this American brand sets expectations high for fun apparel that has a sense of humor. And it delivers on that promise with its lineup of hats, polos, and quarter-zip sweatshirts in prints that are not only eye-catching but boast cheeky names like “Cocky Rooster,” “Jungle Cat,” and “Lone Wolf.”

One thing that we absolutely have to give props to Waggle for is its commitment to representing its hometown of Minnesota. They even created a polo with a pattern featuring loons, the state bird. They also give a shoutout to these “cool ass birds” of the Midwest with a snapback hat. 

Even though Waggle has sky-high aspirations for its apparel (which it refers to as “performance art”), the price point is very down to earth, making it a great choice for golfers who want to look great while still devoting most of their golf budget to playing the game.  

For now, the offerings are limited to the aforementioned hats and tops, but we’re hoping that they expand into other pieces as they grow, so that you can round out an entire head-to-toe look from the brand. It’s worth noting they also offer custom designs and group pricing, so if you have a golf squad you can get kitted out in matching outfits. 


We’re proud to include ourselves on this list of golf brands to keep your eye on! We consider it an honor to share the stage with some of the most influential independent artists and designers in the world. 

Since the success of our launch in May 2020, we’ve been busy developing the next iteration of the Kepel brand after selling out our initial three pre-order batches. We can’t wait to show the world, and our fellow brands, what we’ve been working on and how it can help golfers of all ages and abilities enjoy their time on the course more.  

Our brand was born in Vancouver, Canada, where beauty is built into the landscape. Wide open spaces, scenic vistas, and of course, the stunning Rocky Mountains, all went into the creation of our brand and aesthetic. Breezy palm trees, lush florals, and playful pineapples form the core of our vision, alongside sophisticated solid colors and geometric patterns. We wanted to offer a range of options so that no matter what your mood, you can choose a golf glove that captures your attitude and spirit, and lets you stand out. 

We all know that innovation comes from the margins and the mainstream follows suit. Small companies like ours are the ones with the most ability to make massive leaps forward for the entire industry. It’s exciting to know that just as we are looking to our contemporaries for inspiration, they are looking to us as well. 

This shared commitment to excellence and to moving the game of golf forward inspires us all to bring our A-game, and hopefully that inspires our customers to bring theirs, too. 

A new era of golf 

The days when golf attire was considered a necessary evil of checked pants, argyle vests, and pom-pom hats are long gone.

People don’t want to blend in, they want to stand out. One surefire way to do that is through exclusive, boutique brands that offer something offbeat, special, and unique. 

It’s clear that a new era of golf is emerging and it’s a privilege to be part of this community of designers and golf-lovers who are committed to moving the game forward through exquisite design, superior craftsmanship, and an awareness that golfers have a life off the course and that their apparel should be able to carry them seamlessly and stylishly throughout their entire day. 

Start curating your golf wardrobe

We don’t know about you, but all of this talk has put us in the mood to shop. With the outdoor golf season just around the corner, now is the time to expand your golf wardrobe and get ready to look and play your best by making sure you have top-of-the-line apparel and gear. 

One of the most exciting things about having so many top-tier brands to choose from is that you can curate an exceptional golf wardrobe with tops, bottoms, and accessories pulled from several different brands in order to assemble a look that is truly and uniquely yours. 

With so many choices that reflect your personality and approach to golf, getting dressed for a day on the course should be something you can look forward to. 

One tried and true method for putting together a killer look is to start with a statement piece and build the rest of your outfit around it. And what better starting point than your glove? You can browse our selection here.

Need help navigating your choices? Reach out to us! We love talking all things golf and we can help you find what you need to hit the course with style and swagger. 



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