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If you have questions about golf gloves, you’ve come to the right place because we live and breathe this stuff. In developing and launching our debut line of art-inspired, high-performance golf gloves last year, we went deep into the rabbit hole, obsessing over everything from materials and fit to durability and lifespan. 

After months spent researching, discussing, planning, and debating what goes into a superior glove, we consider ourselves experts on the subject. Below, we share our answers to some of the most frequent questions we’ve received about choosing a golf glove. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, please feel free to reach out to us! We love talking all things golf, and we’d be happy to provide answers and recommendations so you can play your best game on the course. 

Golf glove or no golf glove?

We get this question more than any other, posed in different ways: “Do golf gloves make a difference in your play?” or “Is a golf glove really necessary?”

Our answer to all of the above? A resounding YES! You definitely should be wearing a golf glove when you hit the course. There’s actually two levels to this. 

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On the technical level, a golf glove is a must for several reasons. It stabilizes your grip and keeps your clubs from sliding or shifting around during your swing. This is especially key if you tend to work up a sweat while playing. A glove will make sure your grip is solid and consistent every time, no matter what state of dampness your palms may be in. 

Another good reason to wear a golf glove is that it protects your hand from wear and tear. It doesn’t take much for blisters and calluses to develop on a bare hand and the discomfort they cause can really mess with your focus and your swing. 

However, where the benefits get really juicy is on the mental level. A well-fitting (and good-looking) glove improves your confidence and this is often what separates the average player from the superstar. 

Golf is a physical game but it’s also a psychological one. And you can significantly influence your performance by simply suiting up in high-quality gear that fits well and functions optimally. 

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Research confirms that excellence is a mindset.

What hand should I wear my golf glove on?

You’ve probably noticed that most players wear a glove on just one hand rather than both. The reason for this has to do with the way you grip a golf club. Only one hand makes full contact with the club—this is known as the underhand or dominant hand—while the other hand rests on top of it. The underhand is the one that bears the brunt of the force that is exerted as you grip your club, so that’s the one that benefits from the cushioning and protection of a glove. 

So, whichever hand is your underhand is the one you should wear a glove on. 

What if you’re just getting started with golf and aren’t sure which hand is or should be your underhand? The general rule of thumb is that right-handed people will have their left hand as their underhand and vice versa. In sum, righties get left-hand gloves, and lefties get right-hand gloves. 

How should a golf glove fit?

Snug is the best word to describe the ideal fit. You want one that’s not too tight and not too loose, just that sweet spot in between. 

Your glove is going to function like a second skin, protecting your hand from wear and tear but also allowing your grip to be confident and effortless. 

You want the fabric to lay flush against your palm with no bunching or wrinkling and no excess material at the fingertips. The wrist strap should create a comfortable but close fit. 

For help finding your size, check out our size chart. [link] It’s also helpful to know that up to 50% of golfers wear a glove that is too big for them—it’s rare that anyone wears one that is too small. 

We also list some handy tips on this page that explain why gloves can wear out prematurely (hint: you’re not gripping your club correctly!). 

What golf gloves do the pros wear?

We get this question all the time, and it’s no wonder. If you want to play like a pro, it helps to study the pros—their strategy, their technique, their practice, and their equipment.

There was even a cool study that demonstrated golfers play better when they think that the equipment they’re using was previously used by professionals

But if you’re asking the question because you want to know what kind of golf glove you should wear, the answer isn’t as simple as finding out what Rory McIlroy or Jon Rahm wears and choosing that.  

Golf pros wear all kinds of gloves—they go with what works for them. And this is our approach to golf (and life), too. It’s better to beat your own path than follow someone else’s. 

The question you should be asking is, what works for you? Do you want to go classic and understated or fashion-forward and funky? Do you want one that comes with a magnetic ball marker? You have lots of choices and we can help you navigate your way to your perfect glove. 

Although when it comes to material, it’s a no-brainer. The choice hands down is Cabretta leather. Don’t waste your time with synthetic or cheap materials. You want a sleek fit that moves and breathes and nothing does that better than premium Cabretta leather. 

How do I take care of my golf glove to make it last? 

Excellent question. A little care and maintenance go a long way to preserving the shape, fit, and lifespan of your glove. 

On the course, rotate between multiple gloves and remove it when you’re not making a shot in order to avoid a build up of perspiration. We offer gloves in packs of four for this very reason. 

When you’re taking your glove off, use your opposite hand to open the wrist strap and then loosen it by pulling from the palm and then the fingers before sliding it off your hand. This minimizes the possibility that you’ll needlessly stretch out the leather. 

After a day on the course, let your glove air out to ensure it is completely dry and then store it flat so it keeps its shape. 

We don’t recommend washing your glove since water and soap don’t play well with leather. If you have some noticeable dirt or spots on your glove, you can spot treat them with a mild detergent but definitely don’t let bleach or other harsh chemicals anywhere near it. 

Bonus question: Where can I easily shop for gloves online?

Right here! Our online store makes it easy to shop and place your order. Now that you’re up to speed on all the basics of finding, fitting, and caring for your golf glove, why not check out your options? 

We stock more than a dozen glove models that have been designed for maximum performance and aesthetic appeal. 

Plus, we can answer any other questions you may have and we love hearing from fellow golf lovers. Reach out and let us know how we can help improve your game!

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