FAQs – Kepel

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Do you have a warranty?

We stand behind our product and provide you with free exchanges on manufacturer defects, or if your glove does not perform as expected, within 14 days of delivery


What if it does not fit?

Kepel sizing is standard, thus you will be the same size you use currently. In the event it does not fit right, we will send you a different size free of charge


Who is Kepel for?

Our target market is golfers of all skill levels looking for premium, quality golf gear. Kepel is used and endorsed by professional golfers on various tours


Are your gloves durable?

Yes! Our gloves are crafted from premium Cabretta leather and synthetic upper. Cabretta leather is used for all contact surfaces. It is made of sheep skin and provides a very soft and buttery like feel. The synthetic upper allows for the best design print, ensures consistent sizing, and helps maintain the glove shape for longer. You can expect your glove to last 5-25 rounds depending on swing form, moisture, and care


Are they breathable?

You bet. Kepel gloves feature over 100+ breathing holes, located on the knuckles, fingers, and between fingers, keeping your hands dry and cool. It is recommended to remove your glove between shots and switch out gloves throughout the round for best results. Check out our 4-packs


What is your shipping policy?

Orders ship within 24hrs. Free shipping on orders over $100. Shipping time depends on shipping method chosen: next day to a maximum of 2 weeks


More questions?

Drop us a line anytime at info@kepelgolf.com Response time: <24 hrs