The Best Golf Gloves to Hit the Links with in 2023: Kepel Golf

The Best Golf Gloves to Hit the Links with in 2023: Kepel Golf


With a new generation of golfers taking up the sport, plus a renewed interest in outdoor sports after the COVID pandemic put many indoor activities on indefinite hiatus, there’s been a kind of “gold rush” of golf equipment and apparel.

New and experienced players alike are finding new meaning in the golf course and they’re looking for gear that not only performs well but also reflects their personality and adds sophistication and fun to the game.

Golf gloves straddle these two worlds: they’re both a necessary piece of equipment and an opportunity to make a style statement.

Gone are the days when the glove was a faded and crumpled piece of white leather you pulled out of your golf bag. For golfers who want to play their best and also look their best, it’s a game-changing piece of equipment that is much more than an afterthought.

Today, we’re looking at the Kepel brand of golf gloves. With a curated line of just over a dozen golf gloves in various designs, the brand has kept a laser focus on quality and coolness, while still managing to offer a good amount of variety to suit a range of tastes and styles.


Materials and Construction

No matter how good a glove looks, if it’s made poorly, it’s useless. So let’s start by looking at the materials and construction that go into Kepel’s line of golf gloves.

Kepel golf gloves come in the standard thickness of 0.4 to 0.45 mm and are made with a Cabretta leather palm and a synthetic upper.

What does this mean in terms of play? The leather palm creates a sturdy and natural grip that almost feels as though you aren’t wearing a glove at all.

It’s impossible to overstate how much this can impact your game. In our experience, there’s really no going back once you’ve felt the ease and confidence that a Cabretta leather glove gives you to swing freely, confident in the knowledge that your glove won’t let the club slip or slide around in your hands.

The synthetic upper also plays a huge role in the high performance of the glove. It’s what allows it to maintain its snug fit and shape. With the proper care, a glove like this should fit well and last for many, many rounds of golf. This part of the construction is also responsible for the superior design quality of the glove. But we’ll get into the details of the design work a bit later.

Cabretta leather’s biggest claim to fame is how lightweight and breathable it is, and that remains true for Kepel’s golf gloves. Plus, the gloves have been constructed with micro-perforations on the fingers and knuckles to promote cooling airflow in hot conditions. This becomes especially important when the stakes are high and your palms start to sweat. A nylon opening at the knuckle provides even more airflow to your hand. No matter how humid it gets on the course, the gloves keep your hand cool and comfortable so your grip is clean and stable.

Another smart element of the gloves is the clever construction that keeps the amount of seaming to a minimum on the hand. The stitches won’t dig into your hand or create any bumps or ridges that distract you when you’re trying to establish a firm grip on your club.

Speaking of comfort, Kepel really gave careful consideration to it in several ways when designing its gloves. We’ll look at the comfort- and performance-enhancing features below.


Cool Features

The wristband of a glove is a key element of its construction, since this is the part of your body that moves and pivots the most. In an inferior glove, all this movement could cause rubbing and chafing.

Not with Kepel gloves, though. These gloves feature a proprietary wristband design that provides soft towelling around the wrist and performs a couple of key functions. First is enhancing comfort by cushioning your skin. Second is creating a secure fit that holds the glove in place so it doesn’t shift around on your wrist, irritating you and breaking your focus.

The easy-off closure tab that secures the wristband is just that: easy to put on and take off. No struggling or fumbling to find the tab; just one clean motion to open and close.

Kepel also helpfully included features that aren’t related to your grip and your swing. Our favorite is the magnetic ball marker that is featured on the pull tab of select gloves. It sports the brand’s signature scorpion logo, which adds a cool design flourish and keeps your ball marker within reach whenever you need it (no more digging around in your golf bag for it). On the gloves that don’t have the magnetic ball marker, the tab is embellished with an embossed scorpion logo.

The gloves come in men’s and women’s sizes from S to XXL, and you can select your glove hand.



Style and Swagger

Now let's talk about the look of these gloves because Kepel is a brand that prides itself on style and elevating golf gear to the level of art.

It’s clear that Kepel understands golfers and how to create a glove that can improve both their technique and confidence. What’s also clear is that the brand understands that personal taste runs the gamut when it comes to design, offering gloves that span the whimsical and eye-catching (like the Pina Colada, which features a pineapple pattern on a teal background) to subtle and understated (such as the classic white or black of Arctic White and Training Ground), and some in between (like Dark Forest and Colores, which feature a neutral background color accented with a pop of colorful flowers).

One “hidden” feature of these gloves is that they come with a story. They aren’t just gloves, they’re works of art. That’s not hyperbole. Kepel’s gloves were displayed in the coveted Flying Solo store-slash-artspace in Soho, New York City, alongside works by some of the most influential and groundbreaking independent artists in the world. So when someone asks you about the cool glove you’re wearing, you can mention that it doubles as both sports equipment and art. It’s a nice touch that these gloves can break the ice and function as a conversation piece on the course.

Now, there are a lot of golf gloves out there that feature cool prints and designs, but the problem is, many of them are made cheaply. That’s where Kepel has the competition beat, hands down. The synthetic upper we talked about before? Not only does it provide superior shape, fit, and durability, but it also supports unparalleled design quality. This means that each glove is pristine and elegant, with beautiful colors that dazzle the eye and crisp lines that make the design work stand out. The synthetic upper is flexible, so that the movement of your hand doesn’t create cracks or lines in the design.


Easy Ordering and Stocking Up

It’s one thing to make a great product, and another to get that product to your customers in an efficient and convenient way. Kepel has thought of this, too.


If (we really mean when) you fall in love with your glove, you can easily order replacements and backups by scanning the provided QR code. This saves a lot of time in trying to pull up the right product page and placing a new order from scratch.


The other smart offering that Kepel thought of was to sell the gloves in multi-packs. Each multi-pack contains four gloves, and you get your choice of having four of the same design (if you’re committed to a singular look) or four individual designs (if you like to switch things up often). Another added convenience of a multi-pack is that you always have extra gloves on hand so you can rotate them when you’re playing a round, which reduces the wear and tear on any individual glove and keeps it looking and fitting well for longer.


If you really want to put the whole process of ordering gloves out of your mind, you can opt for a glove subscription. Kepel will send a new glove right to your door every month so you can experience 12 different, and exclusive, designs over the course of a year. 


You can cancel anytime with no penalty. What’s more, all the gloves, no matter how you choose to buy, whether one at a time, in a multi-pack, or through a subscription, come with a satisfaction guarantee that promises a replacement glove at no cost if your purchase fails to perform as expected.

A word to the wise: you’ll want to keep a decent stock of Kepel gloves on hand. The first three pre-order batches sold out quickly since the brand’s launch in May 2020, making these a highly sought after item that a lot of golfers want to get their hands on (and in).

Key Takeaways

Golfers of today are savvy and are spoiled for choice when it comes to great gear, which means that brands need to be on top of their game. Kepel has gone above and beyond to craft a stunning line of premium golf gloves that fit great, perform at a superior level, have a long life, and look fantastic.


If you’re looking to improve your game and excel on the course, Kepel gloves can help you get there by providing a smooth, secure grip that is so comfortable and breathable that you barely feel the glove at all. Intelligent and innovative design features promote airflow and ensure that your hand stays cool and dry so you can focus on your swing and bring your best to the game. A proprietary wristband design keeps the glove snug and in place, and has an easy-off pull tab that lets you put on and take off your glove with maximum ease and convenience.


Stocking up on gloves is a breeze with an option to scan a QR code to re-order, as well as the option to buy in multi-packs or through a subscription. You’ll never be caught unprepared and gloveless again.


You can extend the lifespan of your glove by taking it off between holes to let it breathe and dry out. Don’t crumple, stretch, or fold it. Just tuck it into your golf bag flat to preserve its shape.


Finally, prepare to field a ton of compliments when you step onto the course wearing a Kepel glove. They will attract admiring gazes and perhaps a jealous glance or two. And if anyone asks, these aren’t just gloves—they’re artistic creations.

Where to Buy Golf Gloves Online

If you’d like to improve your game and make a definitive style statement (or just see what the buzz is all about), you can buy Kepel gloves at or on Amazon.



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